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The Canadian Institute for Health Information anticipates that the total costs for healthcare in the country in 2023 will be $344 billion, an increase of 2.8% over 2022. A significant percentage of these costs come from out-of-pocket expenses. Personal health insurance offers coverage that can reduce out-of-pocket costs.

Your public health insurance typically does not cover vision care, non-hospital dental care, all prescription medications, medical equipment and physical or massage therapists. Private insurers provide individual health insurance that fills in the gaps of provincial coverage. EasyInsure’s personal health plans allow you to choose a policy that lowers your out-of-pocket costs for the products and services you need.

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Whether you are looking for self-employed health insurance, small business insurance options, or coverage for a contract, part-time or seasonal worker, our medical and personal health insurance plans offer seven options with varying levels of health, dental, drug and travel coverage at competitive prices.

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If you’re planning to expand your family, retire soon or work in an industry susceptible to layoffs, extended health insurance is your safety net. It can cover expenses that your provincial health care or group health insurance plans do not, easing financial stress.

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Understanding Health Benefits in Canada

Why do Canadians need personal health insurance plans?

While many Canadians have group medical insurance through their employer, it may not cover everything. Some — other than provincial and territorial plans — may have no extended coverage at all.

Why does this matter? A workplace plan, for example, may only cover a few appointments a year with a registered massage therapist, leaving a patient trying to recover from an injury on their own to pay the rest. That gap between employee health benefits and what is actually required can present significant financial challenges to the average Canadian family. That’s where personal health insurance comes in.

Here’s another example of how private health insurance plans can provide relief. Your workplace plan provides $500 for prescription glasses every two years. However, after a few months, you decide the glasses you purchased are uncomfortable or unattractive. With individual health insurance through, you can buy a new pair of eyeglasses without having to wait another two years.

Why is finding the cheapest health insurance important?

Recent data from the World Health Organization indicates that Canadians spend an average of 14.02% of their total health expenditures as out-of-pocket costs. When looking for coverage, finding a policy that meets your coverage needs without taxing your budget is essential. To be cost effective, you need insurance that will reduce your overall costs while providing the services and healthcare products you need that your group or provincial coverage doesn’t cover.

EasyInsure offers a comprehensive personal health insurance plan that’s designed to help Canadians meet their medical requirements — whether it’s preventative care or medical bills as a result of an illness. If you’re single, a newly married couple, or a growing family, we’ve got your personal medical insurance options covered with cheap health insurance in Canada that can lower your overall medical expenses.

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EasyInsure’s Personal Health Insurance highlights

  • Get a quote online: Purchase your policy in minutes.
  • Flexible coverage options: Seven different plans exist for singles, couples, single parents, and families, offering the cheapest health insurance options in Canada.
  • Simple eligibility requirements: Canadian residents with provincial health plan coverage between the ages of 18 to 79 qualify.
  • Kids under 21 are free: There's no charge for children under 21.
  • No termination age: You’re covered for life!
  • No blood, no medical: Three of our seven personal health insurance plans require no medical underwriting. That means basic benefits with pre-existing conditions are guaranteed issued.
  • No waiting periods: Coverage begins the first of the month following approval.
  • Minimal out-of-pocket expenses: Green Shield Canada’s pay-direct card offers the ultimate in convenience.
  • Special online features: Run simulated claims scenarios to determine out-of-pocket expenses, review available individual health insurance coverages and print premium confirmation statements, personalized claim forms, and explanation of benefits statements.
  • Monthly payments: Convenient pre-authorized payments with no additional service fee or interest charges.
  • Exclusive savings: The Green Shield Canada network of vision providers saves you 30% off glasses at specific locations.
  • Travel benefits: and out-of-province country assistance are included.
  • Increasing maximum payouts: The longer you stay with our personal health insurance plan, the more your coverage increases.
  • Legal Assistance: Get toll-free, independent 24/7 legal advice from anywhere in Canada for family and criminal law, civil litigation, landlord and tenant issues, residential real estate transactions, wills, and estates. (Unlimited, bilingual services include local lawyer referrals at preferred rates)
  • Tax Savings: If you are self-employed, your health and dental premiums may be a non-taxable benefit and a tax-deductible expense. Otherwise, premiums may qualify for a tax credit. (Seek professional advice to determine tax-deductible eligibility)
  • Competitive, premium rates: Green Shield Canada is a not-for-profit benefits carrier with inexpensive health insurance rates and excellent coverage options. offers affordable private personal health insurance you can count on

Take the worry out of extra healthcare expenses should you or a family member become ill or be involved in an accident. Provincial plans in Canada offer base coverage, and many employee health benefits fall short of the mark — leaving you facing significant gaps and out-of-pocket expenses. In less than a minute, you can qualify for personal health insurance that includes prescription drug coverage, health and dental, emergency medical expenses and more. It’s that easy!

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