The EasyInsure Advantage

EasyInsure  is dedicated to maintaining and upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in all of our dealings with you, our client. We want to be your trusted risk advisor, and as such, we need to earn your confidence. So we are making a promise. We call it The EasyInsure Advantage. Our mission is to make the advantage yours - and this is our commitment.

  • We strive to secure the most favorable terms from insurers, taking into account all of the circumstances - the risk you need to insure, the cost of insurance, the financial condition of the insurer, the insurer's reputation for service, and any other factors that are specific to your situation.

  • We are open and honest as to how we are paid for placing your insurance. Our answers to your questions will be forthright and understandable. When we intend to seek a fixed fee for our efforts, we will disclose it to you in writing and obtain your approval prior to coverage being bound.

  • You make the ultimate decision as to both the terms of insurance and the company providing your coverage. Our objective is to provide you with choices that meet your insurance needs, and to educate you so your decision is fully informed and best suited to your circumstances.

  • We take our responsibility to our customers very seriously. If at any time you feel that we are not fulfilling your expectations - that we are not meeting our Client Commitment - please contact your account executive or call our toll free client hotline at 1-866-857-4073, and your concerns will be addressed as soon as possible.

EasyInsure Advantage

The privilege is ours, but the advantage is yours.